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Welcome to the official Scary Elevator wiki. This wiki is all about MrNotSoHero's Scary Elevator, Note: This wiki is still work in progress, so you may not find what you're looking for at the moment, and that this wiki is not made by the developers of Scary Elevator!

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MrNotsoHERO's Official Twitter account has been banned for no reason, I check all of his tweets and no deleted Media has been found from the last 24 hrs. If you have a twitter account retweet the linked tweet here with the captions "#SaveHero" lets get him back!


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Scary Elevator is all about scary floors, there are over 40 floors to survive!


The Killers that roam the floors are aggressive, run from them on each floor. Survive the event killers around the holidays!


Scary Elevator wouldn't be complete with some items helping your gameplay and to survive better against the killers!


There are updates on this game all the time; adding more floors, killers and items for you to try out!

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You can also check MrNotSoHero's twitter page. He often posts notes about the upcoming updates there. Link:

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